10 Tips for Travel Photography

10 Tips for Travel Photography

Travel photography as well as any other type of photography is focused on telling a story - amazing story. In this post we want to share 10 tips that will help you find, create and capture amazing story and photos on your next trip.

1. Do your homework. Not surprisingly good preparation is key. Research and get as much information as possible about the location(s) you’re are about to travel to. Check local websites, google photos, social media to check for locations and events that will be of interest to you. Don’t forget to check with other photographers that have been there as well.

2. Pack right. Based on your research make a decision on equipment and travel gear you’ll need. Take into account what the rest of your luggage will contain as well. Consider what will be your method of transport and any budget constrains as this can influence the decision on what photography gear to bring with you. Here are some essentials to consider packing on all of your future photo travel trips.

- Extra batteries and chargers – you always want to have enough power to capture that amazing moment.

- Extra memory cards. Consider a way to make backups as well using a portable computer, tablet, external HDD, your phone or other solution.

- Filters. If you plan to shoot landscapes Polarizer filters as well as Gradual ND filters can help you a lot. If you plan to shoot in harsh conditions UV filter can help protect your lens.

- Remote controls. You can find out why would want to take one with you in our previous article here.

3. Book your hotels with photography in mind. A hotel’s room quality and amenities are important as much as its location. Look for hotels that will help you get the most of your trips and even get you more. Shorter travel from the hotel to your preferred location is always better and a hotel can have a terrace with a good view over a nice city square or other place of interest to you. Booking a room with such a view will help you get an interesting point of view that is inaccessible otherwise.

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4. Get lost. Planning is great and essential for every photographer. Once you’re at the desired place chances are you’ll be presented with much more than you find out in your research. Don’t be afraid to get lost and explore your surroundings. 

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5. Be creative. If you planned to shoot landscapes and the weather turns out bad (as in boring sunny days with no clouds) or the event got cancelled, explore other options and be creative. Get inside interesting buildings, talk to strangers (and take photos of them). 

6. Consider shooting in different times. We all know that the light for landscapes is great during sunrise and sunset. Consider also taking some photos in the blue hours – right after sunset. They can give your shots a sense of calm and serenity and provide contrast to warm city lights. During the day you can shoot outside or in the shade.

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7. Dress appropriately. Depending on your travel photography goal and style you might want people to know you’re a photographer from a distance or you might want to blend in. Whatever the case – dress appropriately for the occasion and the weather.

8. Be yourself, be authentic and respectful. Whatever you plan take photos of be respectful of the laws, traditions and people at the location of your shooting. This can open closed doors and help you create great photos. If you shoot people, talk to them. Getting to know somebody will help you to tell their story in your photos. As an added bonus you will end up with unforgettable memories and perhaps even some new friends.

9. Thrust yourself and your gear. Whatever you do and wherever you go – thrust yourself. Being confident in what you do and listening to your inner self will help get into interesting situations as well as get you out of too dangerous ones. The same is true of your photography gear – learn it, master it and thrust it every time you take a photo.

10. Have fun. As with everything you do – have fun while doing it. If you do, chances are you will achieve great results and you will end with happy memories and positive experiences and that’s a great win-win-win scenario.

Do you agree with our tips? Do you have other travel photography tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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