Yongnuo YN968EX-RT Flash Announced

Yongnuo YN968EX-RT Flash Announced

Yongnuo has announced a new flash - YN968EX-RT. The flash is compatible with Canon’s RT radio system and has both Master and Slave modes built-in. This means it is compatible with Yongnuo’s YN600EX-RT speedlite and YN-E3-RT trigger as well as Canon’s own 600EX-RT (both first and second version), 430EX III-RT speedlites and ST-E3-RT controller. YN968EX-RT also features a built-in Optical Wireless slave mode compatible with both Canon and Nikon’s systems as well the standard S1 and S2 optic slave modes. To complete the sync options there’s also a PC sync port.


What is more interesting is that the speedlite has a new body and flash head design and on one side of the flash head there is a LED light. This light can be handy to help focus in dark environments, to use as a modeling light or to add catch lights in the model’s eyes. The brightness of the LED can be adjusted and there’s also a built-in diffuser, as well as an orange (CTO) clip-on filter for tungsten light color correction. It remains to be seen how powerful and useful the 3 LED lights will be.

The YN968EX-RT flash has a powerful Guide Number of 60 and what is more interesting is that this is achieved at zoom set to 105mm (ISO 100) rather than 200mm similar to other camera flashes out there. If this is true, this means the flash will be more powerful than the YN600EX-RT. The zoom range is from 20mm to 105mm, has an HSS up to 1/8000 second, supports TTL, manual and stroboscopic (multi) models. There is also USB port for firmware upgrade. The interface of the flash looks similar to the one found in YN600EX-RT. The power source remains the popular choice of 4 AA batteries and there is a Canon compatible plug HV battery plug port as well.


The YN968EX-RT price and release date are yet to be announced. We’ll be looking to create a full YN968EX-RT review and see how it compares to other flash lights here at Pixelcam once we have a chance to obtain a copy of the speedlite.

YN968EX-RT features:

- GN 60 meters at ISO 100, 105 mm.
- Adjustable LED light.
- Full support for Canon RT Wireless system (Master and Slave Modes).
- Support for Canon and Nikon Optical Wireless Slave modes.
- HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000 sec.
- Full support for Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II metering.
- TTL mode, Multi stroboscopic mode, Manual, S1 and S2 optical trigger modes.
- Auto and manual flash zoom 20-105 mm.
- External High Voltage Battery Port.
- PC Sync port.
- Big Size LCD Display Screen.
- Quick lock metal foot.
- USB port for firmware upgrade.




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      Arie Mast
      Feb 2, 2017

      Would like info on Yongnuo 968EX-RT flash unit for use on myNikon D610

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      Feb 25, 2017

      Hi, we tried to get further information from Yongnuo about this and for now such information is not available. We'll update as soon as we have more details.

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