Speedlites Comparison YN685 vs YN-568EX II

Speedlites Comparison YN685 vs YN-568EX II

If you’re looking for a TTL flash, chances are you have stumbled upon both YN685 and YN-568EX II.

In this post we’ll help you understand the differences between the two of them and choose the right one for your needs. 

First, let’s check the similarities between these two speedlites from Yongnuo:

- Bofh flashes have full TTL support.
- Both YN685 and YN-568EX II have High Speed Sync up to 1/800 second.
- Both are powerful with GN58 for YN-568EX II and GN60 for YN685.
- Both support rear-curtain sync, FEC, FEB and Multi and Manual modes.

So in practice if you’re going to use your flash as a single light unit on camera, both flash lights will do almost equally well. This is where the similarities end. Yongnuo YN-568EX II has been on the market for several years and has proven to be excellent and reliable camera flash.

The Yongnuo YN685 is a fairly newer model and as such it benefits from new integrated circuit, better zoom range (up to 200mm) and is slightly more powerful. In addition, there are two very distinct and different features on each camera flash light which depending on your needs will make you choose one, over the other.

Speedlite YN-568EX II

YN-586EX II has built-in Canon Optical Wireless Master and Slave modes. So if you have a camera or transmitter that support Optical Wireless and you plan to shoot with you flash off-camera the better choice is to go with YN-568EX II.

Another reason to choose YN-568EX II is if you already own other camera flashes that support the Canon Optical Wireless system. You’ll be able to control all of them with the YN-568EX II via its integrated Master controller. YN-568EX II is also the cheaper option of the two so you’ll be saving money too.

Speedlite Yongnuo YN685

Not to be outdone the YN685 speedlite has its advantages as well. It too has support for Wireless TTL in the form of built-in YN622C receiver. In addition, it has a second built-in receiver for use with manual Yongnuo triggers such as RF-603 or RF-605.

What this means is you can control the flash using any of the Yongnuo triggers/controllers currently on the market and the flash can be a great addition if you already own other Yongnuo flash lights or triggers. It is also slightly more powerful (GN60 vs GN58) and have zoom up to 200mm (compared to 105mm in YN-568EX II).

In summary we can say that if you plan to use any of these two speedlites as a single on camera flash, both will be a great choice. If you plan to use the speedlite with other camera flashes that support the Canon Optical Wireless system or if you want to trigger the flash off-camera via this system, then it’s best to get YN-568EX II.

On the other hand, if you want to trigger the flash off-camera and you already own or plan to build a system around Yongnuo’s excellent radio triggering system and you also want more recent and slightly more powerful flash speedlite with better zoom range, then go with Yognuo YN685.

Hope this information helps you to choose the right flash for you needs and clear any confusion.

If you have any questions, go ahead and post a comment or contact us to help you choose your next flash. We are happy to help.



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      Jan 5, 2017

      Note the yn622c tx, yn685 canon lock up when not used on Canon even the sync input on 622c tx will lock the yn685 after first flash. I hope YN will fix the software in the yn685 but until now they dont see the issue. Look at my video https://youtu.be/PwlpEdaOWjk

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      Feb 20, 2017

      can the YN-568EX II be used in hss mode with canons t6s pop up flash in flash commander mode?

    • Avatar
      Feb 25, 2017

      Hello, unfortunately the built-in pop-up flash commander mode does not support HSS. You can use Yongnuo's YN622C II trigger kit ( https://pixelcam.ca/radio-flash-triggers/17-yongnuo-yn-622c-ii-ttl-wireless-flash-trigger-for-canon.html )in order to use HSS with Canon T6S

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      Feb 24, 2018

      hello can yn685 work with Sony cameras

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