Yongnuo YN600RGB preview

Yongnuo YN600RGB preview

Yongnuo has recently announced several new LED video lights. One of them is YN600RGB which we now have in stock at PixelCam.

While we’re working on a full review of the new LED video light, we want to share some information before that.

YN600RGB is a brand new video light that combines two systems into one. It is equipped with 320 bi color (3200K-5500K) LEDs and in addition to this it has 110 RGB SMD LEDs.

Both LED systems can be operated independently as Yongnuo has incorporated “double encoder design”. A new feature for Yongnuo is also a “frameless and ultra-thin design”. While not as thin as YN300 Air model, YN600RGB is definitely thinner than YN300L or YN600L and it feels lighter as well.


Another brand new design for Yongnuo is the remote control supplied with YN600RGB. It is now equipped with an LCD display that shows the power setting without the need to look at the back of the panel.

Looking at the panel itself, one can clearly see the two different types of LEDs that are spread evenly across it.

The light power output for the 3200K-5500K set is 2790 lumen, while the 110 RGB have 1430 lumen output. This makes for a combined total light output of 4220 if all LEDs are turned on at their maximum brightness setting.

At the back of the light panel we can see the usual slots for two batteries of the Sony NP-F series (Yongnuo NP-F750 Batteries) that can power YN600RGB and there’s also a AC adapter jack (compatible with Yongnuo YN600AC adapter).

There are also two separate dials that control the two LED systems respectively. The dials themselves are new design for Yongnuo as previous LED panels have two buttons for the power and color temperature control.


From a practical perspective Yongnuo have built two LED lights and decided to combine them into one.

We will test if it is practical to use both LEDs at the same time and still have good color results in our full review but even using them separately it’s an intriguing opportunity to have both bi-color and full RGB systems into one.

One can use the standard by-color lights to light up a scene or use the RGB lights to create color cast effects on the scene.

Stay tuned for our full review and opinion of the new YN600RGB light from Yongnuo or if you want one for yourself – order one here.



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