How To - Fireworks Photography
New Year is just upon us and many places have a tradition of beautiful fireworks displays.
Portable reflectors guide
In this post I share information on how to choose a reflector based on size, shape, colors and use.
10 Ideas for Winter Photography
Inspire yourself to get out of the house and take great photos during winter.
Outdoor winter photography
Outdoor photography in the winter presents great opportunities but can be challenging as well.
How to take photos of smoke
In this blog post you'll find guidelines, tips and ideas on taking beautiful photos of smoke.
5 Habits to Take Better Images
Put your mind into the end result and "open your eyes" to new heights in your photography.
Pixel Perfect Studio Camera Settings
Check out how to achieve consistently great photos in studio by presetting your camera settings.
Get Started with Macro Photography
Get Started with Macro Photography on a budget using Macro Extension Tubes.
Portraits & Portable Light Modifiers
In this blog post I share tips how to use portable Softbox and Octabox for portraits.
Perfect Home Studio Setup Guide
In this post I'll share my view of what consists the essential studio light equipment.
Portrait Posing Tips
In this post I'll share how to take your portraits to the next level and create beautiful photos.
Low & High Angle Portraits Cheat Sheet
Get inspired to take more creative shots with this Low & High angle portraits cheat sheet.
5 Reflector Examples For Your Photography
Take out your reflector & practice. We’ll share 5 examples how to use it to improve your photography.
Light Ratios In Portrait Photography
Today we talk about Light Ratios and how to use them in your portrait photography.
10 Tips To Take Great Headshots
Creating great headshots for your clients isn't easy. Today we'll share 10 steps to help you do that.
Full Body Portraits Cheat Sheet
Use the full body portraits cheat sheet to help you plan and take your next portrait photo shoot.
How to pose the legs for success
Posing the legs isn't always an easy task. Today we'll share 5 tips on how to pose legs for success.
Light Modifiers in Portrait Photography
Quick comparison and examples of some of the most popular light modifiers for portrait photography.
Flash modes and settings explained
To help you achieve your desired effect we have explained the most common external flash modes and flash settings.
Yongnuo - YN360 LED Light Wand Upcoming Review
We look forward to receive our test units this week and plan to do in-depth testing of the new YN360 Led Light Wand.
Yongnuo YN360 Pro LED Light Wand Review
Today we're testing the new Yongnuo YN360 Pro LED Video Light Wand. We're very excited to finally have it in our studio.
Makeup in Photography
Makeup can make or brake a portrait - it can hide imperfections, balance skin tones, emphasize the eyes or lips.
Tested: See Practical Flash Accessories In Use
Today up to the test is the 6-in-1 Speedlite Accessories Kit. With 5 light modifiers there's room for a lot of creativity.
Happy Canada Day
Have you planned how to celebrate Canada Day? Perhaps you'll go to see the fireworks and want to take some photos.
How To Easily Photograph Flowers On Sunny Day
Shooting in bright sunlight is far from ideal, still there’s a way to remedy that by bringing a diffuser to create your own cloud.
How To Create Great Product Photos
Perhaps your clients need you to take photos of jewelry, watches, souvenirs. So today we talk about how to do it.
Summer Sale Now On!
Our Big Summer Sale is Now On! Choose between more than 50 selected products and save on photography equipment.
Yongnuo - YN660 speedlite upcoming review
Yongnuo have recently announced YN660 – the latest generation of a very successful line of manual flashes.
What Are The Most Popular Camera Lens Filters?
Depending on your type of photography and the specific project on hand there are different types of filters to consider.
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Moody outdoor portraits with off-camera flash
Creating a good light setup outdoor doesn’t always need lots of equipment. Just be ready to improvise.
Quick and easy Bokeh background recipe
Bokeh! A single word that has sprung so much conversation and debates in photography communities all over the world.
Tested: See Popular Light Modifiers In Use
In photography, light is essential. Today we put to the test 3 light modifiers to see the different output that each creates.
How To Choose A Great Tripod
If you want to take portraits that have the same framing here are the things to look for.
10 Wedding Photography Tips For Success
The season of weddings is in its peak and today we'll share 10 wedding photography tips to get you trough every wedding.
How To Create Multi Light Exposure Photography
Multi light exposure is an area of photography that is not overly crowded and you have almost limitless possibilities.
5 Tips for Special Events Photography
Special event photography is very different from work in the studio. Here are 5 tips that will help you improve your skills.
Top 5 Poses For Wedding Photography Sessions
Today we've prepared for you a list of 5 simple, yet beautiful poses for wedding photography which you can use right away.
How To Make Custom Bokeh Filters
Creating holiday themed photos can be very rewarding and using custom Bokeh can help you relate your message.
How To Remove Wrinkles From Muslin Backdrop
Today we continue with the backdrop topic. It's time to get your backdrop wrinkle free and ready to use.
How To Create Beautiful Photo Books For Clients
Today more than ever people want to have a lasting memory form their special event, something to show to friends.
How To Choose Camera And Lens For Studio
Here are some practical guidelines that will help you choose your camera and lens to get the most out of your photo studio.
Camera Shutter Delay vs Remote Shutter Release
Why to use the built-in camera delayed shutter and when it pays to get an external remote shutter.
TTL Flash With Camera In Manual Mode?
You might be surprised that this is one of the best ways for flash photography.
10 Tips for Travel Photography
In this post we share 10 tips that will help you find, create and capture amazing photos on your next trip.
Black Friday Photography Gear Deals
Our Black Friday Sale is Now On! If you've wondered whether to get something new for your studio now is the time to do so :)
Week Event Flash Light Kits Sale
Cyber Week Sale is Now On! Choose one of Yongnuo Flash Light Kits.
Yongnuo YN968EX-RT Flash Announced
The new flash YN968EX-RT is compatible with Canon’s RT radio system and has Master and Slave modes built-in.
Photography Gear Christmas Sale
Our Christmas Sale is Now On! Choose your photography equipment - Speedlites, Light Stands, Softboxes.
Speedlites Comparison YN685 vs YN-568EX II
In this post we’ll help you understand the differences between the two of them and choose the right one for you.
Speedlite Comparison Yongnuo YN660 vs YN685
In this post we compare two flash lights from Yongnuo – YN660 and YN685 in order to help you choose the right one.
Backdrop Material Choices
Today I'll share my experience with different backdrop materials and which to consider in different scenarios.
Choosing The Color Of Your First Backdrop
If you’re just starting out with studio photography, chances are you’re wondering what colour should be your backdrop?